Buyers are 70% of the way through their decision-making process before even talking to a sales agent. That means you need to create buyer touchpoints during that initial period or you’ll lose the sale to a competitor. 


Lead nurture is defined by automated and personalized touchpoints to keep your property in the consumer’s consideration set. In other words, we’ll make sure your property is in the ‘Top 5’  throughout their search process until it’s time to pull the trigger.

Pump Those Numbers Up

Lead nurture is all about increasing showing requests. It hones in on the oft-forgotten middle of the sales funnel. Gone are the days when you need to do lots of lead generation, sift through to identify your hot prospects, try to convert them and then start over. That’s going from the top of the funnel straight to the bottom. It’s extremely expensive and focuses entirely on the most competitive segment of the buyer market. While you and your competitors duke it out over the same small group of prospects, there’s a goldmine of leads waiting to be tapped.

Lead nurture primarily targets warm and cool leads who are not ready to come in for a showing or transact immediately. This allows agents to focus their energy and time on creating relationships with hot leads, while our marketing automation program works in the background to keep the rest of the pipeline warm. Prospects request an appointment when they’re ready signaling to agents that it’s time to close the deal.

Free Agents' Time to Focus on Hot Leads

Lead nurture increases showings by 400% because it gives a prospect multiple opportunities to take the next step


The middle funnel has the most budding sales within and it’s the most cost effective to convert. You’ve already paid to generate the lead and now it’s time to bring them to the next stage of their buyer journey. Through a series of automated personalized emails as well as social ads which position your property to be the most attractive, we keep the middle of the funnel engaged and encourage them to ultimately request a showing.



Find out how we can increase your return on investment for your marketing spend by supercharging your sales funnel.



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